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Important decision on holiday pay
Added On: 26th March 2015
An important decision relating to the inclusion of commission payments in the calculation of holiday pay has now been made.. Read More
How 'personal' are your employees' tweets?
Added On: 12th February 2015
The number cases where ill-considered tweets has led to dismissal or career limitation continues to grow... Read More
What can be done when employees fail to notify that they can't attend work?
Added On: 11th November 2014
Failing to make contact to explain the reason for absence is potentially grounds for discipline... Read More
What should be included in holiday pay?
Added On: 5th November 2014
A number of cases have recently been through the Tribunal system to get a definitive answer as to what elements of pay should be included in holiday pay. .. Read More
ACAS guidance on handling bereavement in the workplace
Added On: 30th October 2014
Knowing how to respond when bereavement affects an employee is always difficult, but ACAS have recently issued some useful guidance for employers... Read More
ACAS updates guidance on dress codes
Added On: 29th September 2014
ACAS has recently updated its guidance on dress codes.. Read More
Time Off to Accompany Mothers to Ante-Natal Appointments
Added On: 17th September 2014
From 1 October 2014 , an expectant father or the partner of a pregnant woman will be entitled to take unpaid time off work to accompany the woman to up to 2 of her ante-natal appointments... Read More
Flexible Working for Everyone?
Added On: 9th July 2014
From 30 June, all employees who have been employed for 26 weeks have the right to request to work flexibly, not just those who are parents or carers. .. Read More
New Early Conciliation Rules for Tribunal Claims
Added On: 6th April 2014
The latest measure aimed at reducing the number of Employment Tribunal claims was introduced with effect from 6 April - Early Conciliation.. Read More
Are you seeing the benefit of the national fall in absence levels?
Added On: 31st March 2014
According to the latest figures from the Office for National Statistics the number of sick days fell by 131 million days last year to 4.4 days per worker. .. Read More