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Are you ready for the new National Living Wage?
Added On: 10th December 2015
In April the Government’s new National Living Wage will become law... Read More
Two employees. Same incident.  Same disciplinary penalty?
Added On: 8th December 2015
Unfair dismissal: showing leniency to one employee does not make the other employee's dismissal unfair unless the circumstances are truly parallel.. Read More
CVs and References - how to minimise the risks
Added On: 18th November 2015
CVs and references are key to recruitment, but are all a potential minefield.. Read More
Zero Hours Contracts - guidance on their use
Added On: 9th November 2015
Zero hours contracts have been a thorny issue for some time now. This guidance provides a useful summary .. Read More
Discipline and Dismissal – appoint an inexperienced manager to make the decision at your peril!
Added On: 14th July 2015
A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal case demonstrated that appointing an inexperienced decision-maker to preside over a disciplinary procedure.. Read More
Holidays and Sickness Absence - carrying forward untaken leave
Added On: 13th July 2015
Earlier this month the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) clarified two issues affecting the rights of workers on long-term sick leave.. Read More
Over 83,000 Early Conciliation cases in first year
Added On: 7th July 2015
Nine out of every ten eligible individuals participated in the ACAS Early Conciliation (EC) scheme in its first year, with 83 per cent satisfied with the service they received, according to official figures... Read More
Another busy year of volunteering
Added On: 24th June 2015
2015 sees the Rugby World Cup coming to England and Cardiff.. Read More
Collective Consulation - when is it triggered?
Added On: 13th May 2015
To the great relief of employers, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) has confirmed that .. Read More