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How much service is needed to be able to claim unfair dismissal?
Added On: 25th April 2016
The question is often asked about how much service an employee needs to bring a claim for unfair dismissal... Read More
What can you do if an employee goes AWOL?
Added On: 11th April 2016
The phenomenon of ‘ghosting’ is on the increase in an employment context. The phrase - which started its life in the online dating sphere - is now being used.. Read More
Terminating employment by mutual consent
Added On: 4th April 2016
There are occasions where both an employer and their employee agree that the employment is not working out.. Read More
Normal 'day-to-day' activities - what does this actually cover?
Added On: 30th March 2016
In the Equality Act 2010 a disability is defined as being a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long term effect on a person’s ability to carry out normal day-to-day activities.. Read More
Childcare Vouchers -' benefit' or 'remuneration'
Added On: 29th March 2016
A recent EAT decision will have a significant impact on the treatment of childcare vouchers during maternity (and other) leave... Read More
How long would it be reasonable to lay off employees for?
Added On: 1st March 2016
Do you have a provision into your contracts of employment enabling you to lay off employees if business needs require it?.. Read More
Gender Pay Reporting
Added On: 15th February 2016
The Government has finally published draft regulations detailing the new requirement to report gender pay gap information, which will apply to all private sector employers with 250 or more UK employees. .. Read More
How private are private emails?
Added On: 4th February 2016
You might have come to the conclusion recently that employers now have carte blanche to access their employees’ private emails and social media postings. However, you would be wrong!.. Read More
Spoken Language in the Workplace
Added On: 28th January 2016
Do you employ individuals who speak languages other than English as their mother tongue? If you do, and particularly if you employ more than one employee who speaks the same language.. Read More
Working out holidays for staff whose hours of workchange
Added On: 20th January 2016
It can be confusing and/or complicated to work out the pro rata holiday entitlement that an employee is allowed when their working hours change during any given holiday year. .. Read More