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Protecting Confidential Company Information
Added On: 8th August 2016
We are often contacted by employers to discuss how they can protect confidential information.. Read More
Can defective disciplinary action be corrected by a subsequent appeal?  Yes, says the EAT
Added On: 2nd August 2016
In a case that will be of interest to a number of employers, the EAT in Khan v Stripestar Ltd has decided that a defective first stage disciplinary procedure can be remedied by a subsequent internal appeal, and importantly that there are no limits to the defects which can be set right... Read More
How The Office killed the workplace prank
Added On: 18th July 2016
Julie was recently contacted by The Telegraph for her views on 'workplace pranks'... Read More
Restrictive Covenants - Are they worth the paper they're written on?
Added On: 20th June 2016
The short answer is – yes, but only if they are ‘reasonable’... Read More
Sex Discrimination - ACAS launches new guide
Added On: 14th June 2016
ACAS have recently launched a helpful guide on sex discrimination.. Read More
Tattoos and piercings - love them or hate them?
Added On: 7th June 2016
Explicitly visible body tattoos and pierced eyebrows may fulfill dress code requirements if you work in a tattoo parlour but what about in the average workplace?.. Read More
Can you take action if an employee won't cooperate with your investigation?
Added On: 23rd May 2016
If you handle things properly, the answer is 'yes'... Read More
The new Trade Union Act
Added On: 16th May 2016
The Trade Union Act has received royal assent, although the implementation date for the new legislation isn’t yet know; this will be communicated in due course... Read More
Illegal Workers - don't fall foul of the new legislation
Added On: 9th May 2016
The Immigration Bill 2015-16, which is currently progressing through Parliament - and could be law by the summer.. Read More
Data Protection - important changes
Added On: 2nd May 2016
Last week, the European Parliament voted to adopt the General Data Protection Regulation.. Read More