JCS Complete Government Apprenticeship Project

Added On: 19th July 2010

JCS Complete Government Apprenticeship Project

We have recently completed a four month project, commissioned by Local Government Yorkshire & Humber (LGYH), to encourage councils to take on more apprentices.

Director of JCS, Julie Sykes, said: “LGYH approached me as they needed help to put together a toolkit, which would encourage and support local councils in making greater use of apprenticeships.

Having worked with the LGYH previously, I was more than happy to get involved, and it’s great to receive feedback on how some of the authorities are proposing to use the materials we have produced.”

Amanda Glew, Apprenticeship Manager for LGYH, said: “Julie’s input into this project has been invaluable, and we are incredibly proud of what we have produced. The feedback we have received already from the local authorities is very encouraging.”

We have previously worked with LGYH on a number of projects including research into redeployment practices, preparation of job descriptions and work related to a TUPE transfer.