How to improve your chances of success at interview

Added On: 21st September 2010

How to improve your chances of success at interview

Employers have given job seekers some valuable guidance on what to do, and not do during job interviews by sharing their views of the top interview blunders in a new survey.

The survey, conducted on behalf of the online jobs site New CareerBuilder revealed that 13% of employers claimed jobseekers ruined their chances at the interview stage by answering their mobile phone or texting during the interview itself! Other common blunders revealed in the survey include:

• not providing information about specific accomplishments (57 per cent);

• not asking good questions (51 per cent);

• criticising current or previous employers (32 per cent);

• appearing arrogant or disinterested (30 per cent);

• dressing inappropriately (30 per cent); or

• providing too much personal information (23 per cent).

Job interviews are not everyday occurrences and they can be very stressful. The best way to minimise this stress is to prepare thoroughly. It's important to practise responses and do your research. Find out about the company and industry and make sure to prepare some questions which help to demonstrate your interest in the position and the company. Show enthusiasm and try to answer the interviewers’ questions by providing examples of examples of what you have done in the past – this will demonstrate what you can bring to the company.