And we all thought MPs' expenses were bad!....

Added On: 14th April 2010

And we all thought MPs' expenses were bad!....

We were all rightly appalled at the scandal of MPs expenses last year, but according to a report from GlobalExpense, an expenses management firm, they were not the only ones claiming some rather hard to explain items.

Fluffy pink handcufs, an inflatable sheep, pig organs and border guard bribes were amongst the weirdest claims filed in the past year.

GlobalExpense analysed 7.7million claims made in 2009. Overall £8.8billion were paid out in expenses - this was down on the previous year due to a reduction in fuel prices rather than any tightening up by employers. According to David Vine of GlobalExpense employers have done little to tighten up on expense policies during the recession or have failed spectacularly to implement their policies.

People Management 8 April 2010